'The Marshall Plan For Moms' aims to close the wage gap.By John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If a man and woman doing the same job collect their paycheck each week, the woman’s salary actually ends on October 15th.

That is the finding of a new study comparing men’s and women’s salaries from Business.Org. The study says in Pennsylvania women’s salaries lag behind men by 21% or 32nd in the country.

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“Yes, there has been progress, but that progress is minimal and we still have a long way to go,” says YWCA Executive Director Angela Reynolds.

During Women’s History Month Reynolds says it’s important to know, “While the numbers have been getting better over time they’re still hovering generally between 81 and 87 cents on the comparison dollar. The other piece I think is important is that if you look at Black women that number is actually closer to 62 cents per men’s dollar, and in Pennsylvania for black women is 54 cents per dollar so all of those numbers need to be taken in context.”

The YWCA embraces the Marshall Plan for Moms which calls for a number of measures to help women forced from the workplace, and those still working on the job or at home.

“Equal pay for equal work is definitely one that needs to be taken into consideration, she said. “Plus advancement within industries needs to be taken into consideration, are we providing opportunities for promotion. Do we have options that are available for more flexible work schedules to continue after the pandemic?”

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Congresswoman Madeleine Dean from Montgomery County says the effort is overdue.

“Prior to the pandemic, I perceived a dire need for a Marshall Plan for moms,” she said. “Now with a pandemic, the need is only exposed in an even greater way. Women have disproportionately lost jobs, their work, their livelihoods. And so we definitely in our society need some sort of a Marshall Plan for moms I love that term for it.”

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The plan pushes the need for a $15-minimum wage as a start.

“It would include universal childcare,” Congresswoman Dean explained. “I think that’s going to be the number one step toward equality for women in terms of their careers and for their families.”

She points out that for many families the cost of child care can be more expensive than the second salary in a family can cover. Not to mention the stress it puts on single working moms.

Reynolds says the pandemic has revealed something else that helps moms and needs to continue.

“There are some industries and there are some positions where flexibility that was afforded during the pandemic can continue after the pandemic,” she said.

Congresswoman Dean says there is also a proposal for a monthly paycheck for moms or families. Some reports put the amount of those checks scaled up to $2,400.

“It isn’t easy to raise a family on a single salary,” she said. “So is that a realistic possibility sure it should be. Compensation or at least disaster relief in a regular way for families. We have to do that during this economic recession.”

Congresswoman Dean says the relief checks during the pandemic make a big difference but…”I do believe that there is a possibility of the recurring payments.”

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These issues certainly aren’t new and some argue paying moms for their work at home will discourage them from seeking employment outside the home. But with record numbers of women forced to stay home due to the pandemic and job losses it’s an issue Congresswoman Dean says can not be ignored.