By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After his 9-month-old son tested positive for COVID-19 and needed surgery, former Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Switzer said Christian is being moved from the ICU.

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On Saturday morning, Switzer first asked for prayers, saying that his and his wife Gabie’s son Christian woke up in his own blood and was positive for COVID-19.

Sunday afternoon, Switzer said that the GI specialist had discovered several sites of bleeding while Christian was in surgery.

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The doctors also took biopsies that they will inspect to try and determine what caused the bleeding, Switzer said.

Now on Monday, Switzer said there have been no more bleeding spells overnight and all Christian’s labs are normal. They’re still waiting on those biopsies, but Switzer said, “we’re thankful his health and his mood are slowly improving.”

Ryan and his wife Gabie had their son Christian in May.