Savannah was found in January by a woman who was out with the Girl Scout troop she oversees.

By: KDKA-TV Digital Producer Heather Lang

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — It’s one of the saddest scenes you will ever see. Lonely, dejected and terrified, Savannah was found all alone on a winter day. She was curled up on the cold, wet pavement, head and tail tucked away.

The most heartbreaking part was perhaps the kibble carelessly thrown around her. Hundreds of tiny reddish-brown pieces looking a little like fallen leaves among a dusting of snow. The scooper on top ready to dish out the food into a dog bowl.

(Photo Courtesy: Pet Search)

That’s the picture taken of Savannah when she was found near the Churchill Country Club.

The picture of Savannah now, several weeks later, is a very different one. Literally wrapped in loving, caring arms. Pet Search, the Washington County rescue group caring for her, says she’s officially been adopted by her foster family.

(Photo Courtesy: Pet Search)

It’s amazing how a little bit of love can change things.

Savannah’s past may never be known, but that won’t stop Pet Search from trying to find out. In the meantime though, Savannah is getting a new, hopeful beginning.

Savannah was found in a mostly out-of-the-way place in Churchill near the country club. The woman who discovered her first was out with the Girl Scout troop she oversees. Seeing Savannah alone, freezing and sad, she knew she had to help.

She took Savannah in and called on Pet Search, which got Savannah to a much-needed examination at a veterinarian’s office.

She was found to be underweight and also tested positive for Lyme disease. It was discovered that Savannah had also recently given birth to a litter of puppies. She had developed a slight fever from a case of mastitis and her puppies were nowhere to be found.

Pet Search went to work looking for leads in the case and trying to get Savannah back on her feet.

Special feedings to help her gain weight, warm compresses for her mastitis and medication for the Lyme disease. They also combed social media for listings of puppies for sale.

However, nothing has panned out. Sadly, Pet Search says the vet believes the puppies may have died or been stillborn.

Savannah herself was put on Pennsylvania’s 48-hour stray hold, and then Pet Search’s additional five-day stray hold. Despite one inquiry from a local family who was missing their dog, no one has come forward to claim her. She has no microchip and had no collar when she was found.

For all the challenges she’s had, Pet Search says Savannah bounced back quickly and beautifully.

(Photo Courtesy: Pet Search)

She was just spayed last week, and after recovering for a few days, she’s back to playing again. She even loves cats!

Pet Search had adoption inquires about her from as far away from New Mexico and Florida, but the rescue has a policy of a two-hour drive to and from the adoption site.

Instead, she’s a foster fail. The rescue announcing the couple who has been fostering Savannah have now officially adopted her into their family. Her adopters, Carly and Jamie, say she is the sweetest and she has three canine siblings and one feline sibling.

But, most importantly, that sad picture of Savannah is just that now, a picture of the past. It’s all thanks to the loving and caring people she’s encountered since that cold day in January.

As Pet Search says, she’s in “trusting hands that will love her.”

For more information on Pet Search rescue, visit their website here.

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