This isn't the first shootout in this area.By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Police Violent Crime Unit is trying to piece together what sparked a triple shooting on the North Side Tuesday night.

A nearby apartment building was riddled with bullets near James and Suismon streets. Inside on the third floor, a man and his girlfriend heard it all.

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“We heard what sounded like about 20 or so more,” said Brad Divins.

There were dozens of gunshots on a street Divins said he feels safe calling home. He’s lived in his apartment with his girlfriend for over a year. Now, he’s not so sure he feels the same anymore.

“It’s jarring for sure,” said Divins.

(Photo Credit: Tim Lawson/KDKA)

Divins’ kitchen window is not far from where the bullets hit the siding and right on the sidewalk he says is where one of the victims was found. Police said two men were found near the intersection of Suismon and James streets and a third on East Ohio Street. Investigators said East Ohio Street is where the gunfire started around 9:20 Tuesday night.

Ken Turnbull is a pastor at Allegheny Center Alliance Church nearby and walks up and down East Ohio Street a lot.

“I was walking the street this morning doing my prayer walks,” said Turnbull. “Just trying to bring God’s peace to a community that’s in transition.”

He said he hopes this shooting sparks a conversation.

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“I think the community has an opportunity to respond in a positive way. Make that the good news — that we are not afraid of the challenges that come with broken people and broken situations,” said Turnbull.

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The area is a struggling corridor, with new businesses moving in and trying to restore the once vibrant street. There was another shootout there just three weeks ago.

The owner of a new restaurant wants help from police.

“We would appreciate more police presence around here. That could be helpful,” said Marwan Elkardoudi, the owner of Istanbul Corner on East Ohio Street.

Elkardoudi says there are a lot of new businesses opening here.

“They’re trying to change the area. Make it like the new Lawrenceville. Let’s hope for the best,” Elkardoudi said, adding, “everybody’s been installing new camera system and trying to see what’s going on.”

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Pittsburgh Police are trying to gather any information they can. No one has been arrested, and the three men are recovering at the hospital. Two are in critical condition and one is in stable.