President Joe Biden plans to visit the eastern side of the state to discuss the American Rescue Plan.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

HARRISBURG (KDKA) — President Joe Biden is visiting Pennsylvania today to discuss the American Rescue Plan.

Biden plans to visit Delaware County and Chester, Pennsylvania, according to CBS News.

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman said that he was “glad the President decided to make the commonwealth his first stop.”

“It is great to see President Biden back in Pennsylvania today, talking to working people about the concrete benefits of the American Rescue Plan,” Fetterman said in a statement. “This bill is one of the most significant pieces of legislation of the 21st century, and it is offering real help to the working people of Pennsylvania.”

Fetterman, who is currently running to be a U.S. Senator, also mentioned the 2022 race in his statement.

“Pennsylvania wasn’t just the key to Biden’s victory in 2020 — it’s also home to the most important Senate race in the country in 2022,” he said.