The answer is not a simple yes or no.By Royce Jones

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (KDKA) — Vaccine distribution in the State of Ohio is ramping up as the age requirements to receive one there is going down.

Friday the state started allowing people ages 40 and older to get vaccinated.

While the state of Pennsylvania is still working to vaccinate people ages 65 and older.

So, can you go get vaccinated there?

Ohio does not have a residency restriction.

But individual providers can set their own guidelines.

For example, on Friday, the appointment books for Kroger and CVS Pharmacy both said people must live in the state to get vaccinated there. Kroger will even ask people for proof of residency.

Meanwhile, the health department in Jefferson County, OH, about 45 miles from Pittsburgh, will allow out-of-state residents to register for an appointment online, under some conditions.

Andrew Henry, Health Commissioner, JCHD, told KDKA, “naturally, as a public health agency, in Jefferson County, we are going to give priority to our Ohio residents. However, if we do see excess capacity, we could start working on people from Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well.”

So far, only a small percentage of Pennsylvanians have been vaccinated in Jefferson County and the majority of them work there.

According to the health department, about 12,000 of the 18,000 people who want a COVID-19 vaccine in Jefferson County have received one so far. And roughly 60% of people eligible are actually getting one.