The investigation is looking into whether hazing played a role in the death of Stone Foltz, a Bowling Green student.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (AP) — A former federal prosecutor will help investigate an alleged, alcohol-related hazing incident that preceded the death of a Bowling Green State University student this month, the Ohio school announced Friday.

The school and local law enforcement are investigating what happened to sophomore Stone Foltz, 20, at an off-campus event. The university has put the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on interim suspension.

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School officials said Friday that they’re assisting law enforcement and doing their own investigation about potential violations of the student code of conduct. The school recognizes “the seriousness of the situation” and will have David DeVillers, who recently stepped down as the U.S. attorney for southern Ohio, assist with the conduct investigation, according to a statement sent by the university.

It decried hazing as intolerable.

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“BGSU will complete a thorough and fair investigation, seeking the truth and facts, and holding all students and groups responsible,” the statement said.

Following Foltz’s death, some lawmakers are pushing to increase criminal penalties for hazing in Ohio.

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