The only other Pennsylvania city on the list is Philadelphia at No. 17.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Not the list Pittsburgh wants to be on.

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However, we have moved up four spots to No. 25 on the newly-released Top 50 Termite Cities List. Orkin releases the listing annually based on treatment data from the metro areas they serve.

The only other Pennsylvania city on the list is Philadelphia at No. 17.

According to Orkin, people were more likely to observe termite damage in their homes due to being in their houses more frequently over the last year due to the pandemic.

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The top three cities on the list are Miami, Los Angeles and Tampa. Rounding out the top five are Washington DC and Atlanta.

Signs of a termite infestation include, according to Orkin:

· A temporary swarm of termites in your home, in the soil or around the exterior of the house
· Cracked or bubbling paint
· Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
· Mud tubes on the interior or exterior of walls or wooden beams
· Discarded wings from swarmers
· Sightings of frass (termite droppings) in or near the house

To watch for termite problems, Orkin recommends regularly monitoring water drainage sites around your home, especially near the foundation and the roof.

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To see the full report from Orkin, visit their website here.