The pharmacy group will hold several clinics throughout the week and the mall is just one site.By Chris Hoffman

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — As Pennsylvania moves into Phase 1B, more people are eligible for the vaccine.

But there was already a need for coronavirus vaccines in Allegheny County.

Mary Zykowski’s story is similar to many stories KDKA-TV has heard. She had trouble accessing a shot.

“I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it, but I’m glad that I came and got it done,” Zyskowski of Trafford said.

She said Mainline Pharmacy’s clinic at St. Barbara Church in Harrison City was smooth and simple. Since January, the pharmacy has put more than 60,000 shots into arms.

“It’s gone pretty well. A little crazy at times but it’s gone pretty well,” Jack Moschgat of Mainline Pharmacy said.

The pharmacy is working at a pace of getting three to four shots a minute. Many of its clinics have been in Westmoreland, Somerset, Indiana and Cambria counties.

“We’ve been scheduling people as long as they’re eligible through the middle to end of April,” Moschgat said.

“It was actually pretty efficient. It was waiting in line for a few minutes and then that was basically it,” Kristen Walker of White Oak said.

On Saturday, Mainline will expand its efforts to include Allegheny County. The pharmacy will set up in the old Ulta location at the Monroeville Mall.

People from Allegheny County have traveled out to Somerset for shots and demand is expected to go up as more phases open.

“We had people driving from Wexford and Shadyside to Somerset, which is over an hour away. We figured why not get closer to help those people out?” Moschgat said.

Allowing people like Zyskowski to go out and enjoy the simple things.

“Just go out and eat in a restaurant. Haven’t done that in over a year and I miss that,” she said after her shot.

For more information on the clinics and to schedule a vaccine appointment, click here.