PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – UPMC is now taking walk-ins for its Pittsburgh Mills vaccine clinic.

UPMC had about 6,000 vaccine doses to use on Wednesday, but only about 3,200 people showed up for the large-scale vaccination clinic. That’s why UPMC staff is encouraging anyone to get out to the Pittsburgh Mills Mall on Thursday.

Some people traveling to the clinic on Wednesday were thankful to finally get a dose.

“It was like pulling teeth to get an appointment before. Even though we both have health issues, we just weren’t old enough, but after they opened it up to where we could get it, we finally got an appointment down here right away,” said John Bogen.

Bogen and his wife came from the Saxonburg area and once he got off the exit of Route 28, he said the process was simple.

“Actually, it was really, really slick. We just come off with no traffic things, moved quite smoothly and everyone was really pleasant,” Bogen said.

From the start to the waiting area, the whole process took only about four minutes.

“We have 35 vaccination tents. Each tent has a pit crew model. The model has an individual vaccinating, the second performing clinical screening and the third as an extra set of hands to help,” said UPMC Children’s Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Diane Hupp.

The clinic was set to give 12,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but after the state told vaccine providers to put the J&J vaccine on pause following the FDA and CDC’s recommendation, the clinic pivoted to the Pfizer vaccine.

“It took some preparation, but we gathered really quickly, got a lot of people involved and were able to pivot to be able to transition to Pfizer. The biggest issue is the pharmaceutical preparation and making sure we had enough pharmacy techs and pharmacists to manage the Pfizer,” said Hupp.

As availability for the vaccine opens, Hupp told KDKA she’s seeing fewer people come out, leaving more appointments to accommodate walk-ins at the clinic.

If you have any concern on the quick changes to Pfizer and securing a second dose, UPMC said it already has the doses secured for May 6 and 7.

“You know I don’t think it’s the oncoming train anymore, it’s finally the end of the tunnel,” Bogen said.

The clinic opens back up on Thursday at 8 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. You do not need an appointment; you can just show up to get a Pfizer vaccine.