By Bryant Reed

LAWRENCEVILLE (KDKA) — Residents in Lawrenceville had a rude awakening this morning.

They were left stuck inside the house because somebody slashed the tires of several vehicles on one of the area’s main roads.

On Main Street from Penn Avenue down to Butler Street, dozens of vehicles have tires slashed.

Neighbors say they heard a commotion in the middle of the night, but by the time they came outside – the damage was already done.

In Lawrenceville Saturday morning, residents quickly found out their plans for the day would have to change.

“I wake up this morning and someone has gone up and down Main Street slashing all the tires,” said Harry Coukos, a Lawrenceville resident.

For blocks of roadway, dozens of vehicles lined along Main Street were damaged overnight.

“Some with one apiece, some with two on the sides,” Coukos said. “I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’ve been here 30 to 40 years.”

Harry Coukos says he woke up earlier than normal to get his day started when he walked outside, he saw both his van and a u-haul he was driving had been victims.

“I would almost like to have a word with the fellow,” he said.

A couple of houses down, Ed Kacprzyk was still awake when he says he heard police taking a look at the damage overnight.

“It’s frustrating because I got new tires on the car. Those are relatively new tires,” Kacprzyk said.

Although frustrating, it wouldn’t have been too much of an issue if he didn’t have more pressing issues happening than calling a tow truck.

“My wife is in the hospital actually,” he said. “I took her to the hospital when all this was going on. So, I have to go pick her up or see what they’re going to do today.”

Thankfully, he’s got another vehicle he can use to pick up his wife.

But the hundreds of dollars out of his and his neighbors’ pockets don’t make it any easier.