Christian is expected to fully recover.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former Steeler Ryan Switzer shared some “wonderful news” nearly one month after his son’s surgery in Boston.

In a tweet Thursday, Switzer said Christian’s three-week post-op blood results showed very inspiring results.

“His counts are phenomenal! Hemoglobin is perfect as well as many other markers that were low while he was dealing with his blood loss. Praise praise God. This is such a relief,” Ryan tweeted.

“As Gabie & I continue to manage the trauma & certain images of our son during that treacherous time that seem we won’t ever be able to shake, this is such a big step in our healing as parents to know that our baby is improving & on his was to a beautiful healthy life,” Ryan added.

The Switzers headed to Boston in March after Christian began bleeding and doctors were unable to find a diagnosis.

It all started when Ryan said his 9-month-old son, who tested positive for COVID-19, was in the hospital and woke up in his own blood.

Christian was discharged from the hospital, but then went back after Ryan said his son “had more significant bleeding.”

Ryan said that doctors decided Boston was the place they needed to go to find the cause for his son’s bleeding.

Christian underwent surgery and the “wonderful people in Boston fixed our son,” Ryan said on Twitter last month. Christian is expected to fully recover.