PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man is being charged with 28 crimes after what police are describing as a “weekend spree.”

According to police, the man stole an iPhone, caused multiple crashes, hit several pedestrians, and carjacked at least two drivers.

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Tearing through the outbound Parkway East in a stolen car, police say Derek Brown caused a three-car accident, and then flagged down an unsuspecting Courtney Kish.

“I see somebody come running across the highway waving his hands and everything,” Kish said. “So, obviously, I stop and I pull over.”

Inside the other cars, she found some seriously injured people, including a woman who was trapped and said she could no longer feel her arms and legs.

However, when Kish went to call for help, she saw a shocking sight.

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“I turn around to got back to my car to get my phone and I see he’s in my car just driving away,” she recalled. “He drove off and I’m stunned at this point.”

For Brown, who police said had already crashed his own car, stole another and crashed that car as well.

The crime spree continued until later on when police say they tracked him and Courtney’s car to the Red Roof Inn in Monroeville, where he was ultimately taken into custody.

Kish said she couldn’t comprehend his callousness.

“How do you not care? He saw this woman who was seriously injured, how do you not care?” Kish pondered. “He’s in jail now, and I’m sure he’s going to be in jail for a very long time. I guess I hope it was worth it.”

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Brown is being held in jail on a $25,000 straight bond and is facing a preliminary hearing next week on nine felonies, 15 misdemeanors, and four summary offenses.