GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – The prosecution is expected to wrap its case Wednesday in the Felipe Vazquez sexual assault trial. On Tuesday, the former pirate pitcher’s 17-year-old accuser took the stand again.

Tuesday’s testimony was graphic and disturbing. The young woman broke down several times under pointed questioning.

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Vazquez returned to the Westmoreland County courthouse to watch the young woman accusing him of sexual assault answer his lawyer’s questions.

He’s accused of having a sexual relationship with the girl when she was 13 in front of her one-time Scottdale home and sending her explicit pictures and texts for years. Vazquez’s lead defense attorney asked the girl why she allegedly pursued a relationship in 2017 with a man who was 26. The teen replied, “I used it to get attention with an MLB player, I felt like the coolest kid in the world.”

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Vazquez, a one-time All-Star relief pitcher feared by batters in the majors, turned away from and didn’t appear to be looking at the girl during her testimony — testimony in which the girl admitted she didn’t know if Vazquez had any idea she was only 13 when they first made contact on social media.

The girl also confirmed she told her mother in a break in a police interview that she should be the one in trouble. She told the court Tuesday she said that to protect him: “It was all so fresh, I didn’t understand anything.”

Testimony is over for the day. Once the prosecution wraps, the defense will present witnesses next.

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It’s not known if Vazquez will take the stand in his own defense.