The roadway will be closed for about two weeks -- from June 7 through June 20.By Bryant Reed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — McArdle Roadway will be closed for two weeks starting Monday.

Drivers say they understand crucial bridge work has to be done, but it’s just a little inconvenient.

From Grandview Avenue to the Liberty Tunnel, about one mile of McArdle roadway will be closed to traffic for bridge repair.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“I don’t feel it will be a problem. Commuters just have to leave in enough time,” one woman said.

Some drivers say the two-week closure could be a headache.

But she said there’s plenty of ways to get around the city.

“We have so many ways to get around we just have a tendency to use that one way, and it’s not a one-way town. There’s a lot of ways to get to Downtown Pittsburgh. Just find them and find time to get acclimated.”

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The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure says it’s necessary to do routine maintenance on the McArdle Roadway Bridge to keep it in good condition and to remove a damaged joint.

“Just leave 15-20 minutes ahead of time because of the shutdown,” she added.

But here are some of the detour routes you’ll be able to take heading to Mount Washington.

After going through the Liberty Tunnel, head on to Route 51 from Sawmill Run Boulevard.

Make a right onto Woodruff Street, and then you have options, all of which will get you to your destination.