He would drive Barbara all the way from the Lone Star State to the Steel City if Pittsburgh-based FurKid Rescue would help them.

By: KDKA-TV Digital Content Producer Heather Lang

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh man is giving a stray dog he found while on a business trip to Texas a second chance at a much better life.

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Pittsburgh-based FurKid Rescue is helping their former adopter care for the little grayish-brown and white dog that he’s named Barbara.

FurKid Rescue posted the story on their Facebook page, saying, “We can’t wait to meet you sweet girl.”

The rescue says the man who found Barbara adopted Buford, the tripod hound dog, from them back in the winter. Photos posted by Umut, who is from Germany, show Buford on many adventures.

According to FurKid Rescue, Umut found Barbara while on a business trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He contacted a few Texas shelters; however, he was told they could not take her for two reasons.

The first being shelter overpopulation, and the second being that because she is a pit bull breed, she would be “immediately euthanized.”

Umut wasn’t going to let that happen, says FurKid Rescue.

Instead, he decided to rent a vehicle. He would drive Barbara all the way from the Lone Star State to the Steel City if the rescue would help him.

FurKid Rescue agreed.

(Photo Credit: FurKid Rescue/Facebook)

They write, “One thing is for sure, she is so grateful and so in love with her guardian angel – how could we not help?”

Before their trip home on Friday, the rescue says Umut has arranged for a veterinary checkup, a scan for an ID chip, vaccinations and a bath for Barbara. She seems to be suffering from some sort of skin irritation and has some bald spots that need checked over.

(Photo Credit: FurKid Rescue/Facebook)

Once home, Barbara will be staying with Umut and Buford for a few weeks and then she will go to another foster home.

FurKid Rescue says they plan to observe her thoroughly to find out more about her personality, her likes, her dislikes, if she gets along with kids and other dogs, and more.

There’s no word yet on when she might go up for adoption, but FurKid Rescue says they plan to keep the public updated on their Facebook page.

For more information on FurKid Rescue, visit their website at this link.

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