By Briana Smith

HOMEWOOD (KDKA) — In the heart of Homewood, sits the H.O.P.E. House.

It is opening doors of opportunity for female veterans in the community as they transition to civilian life.

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“Being able to provide a home that allows three veteran females come back together and work towards a unique goal together is going to be financially helpful to them, but all in all, an amazing opportunity,” said Andrea Dellinger, the Military Warriors Support Foundation Senior Vice President.

Dellinger is a veteran and the senior vice president of the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

She says the house on Panke Avenue was donated by Omicelo.

It took a year to renovate with a lot of help from donors and volunteers, including Wells Fargo.

“From an energy standpoint, everything went into it,” said Joshua Pollard, the Omicelo president and CEO. “From a dollar standpoint, it was almost $300,000 that had to go into making this a reality. The only way this happens like anything else is, we’re better together.”

Pollard says it will offer stability for three women veterans at a time, especially minorities, as they attend school.

Pollard and Dellinger say it’s important to support a population that is underserved.

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“When we think about the female veteran population, when we explicitly think about minority populations, put that together with the greatness that already is and is coming to Homewood, it seemed like the right thing,” said Pollard.

Dellinger says it will be a safe haven, but also a place for guidance and growth.

“There will also be a mentor that will meet with them monthly,” said Dellinger. “It will focus on their education, but it will also focus on other aspects that are super important, which are housing and financial literacy.”

Dellinger hopes this experience will help ease the stress as they start their next chapter in life.

“I hope they take it as a way to figure out how they become a tool in somebody else’s tool box and pass it forward,” said Dellinger.

Continuing their service, but now back at home.

The Military Warriors Support Foundation is accepting applications for this reduced-rent home.

You can apply here.

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They plan to move residents in this fall.