PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Across the Pittsburgh area, some people are dealing with new storm damage from Monday’s storms, while others are clearing the damage from Sunday’s severe weather.

Two trees toppled onto a home in McCandless, causing the backyard to look like a forest.

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The homeowner said both trees are about 100 feet tall and the damage has left him in shock.

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Once daybreak hit, the destruction from Sunday night’s storm became more visible and caused thousands of dollars of damage across the Pittsburgh area.

“When it’s all said and done, it starts adding up,” said Rich Cottrill, the homeowner.

Cottrill said the shock of coming home to find two massive trees on his house in McCandless was almost too much to handle.

“The patio’s gone, all the furniture is gone, the shed is a disaster, the roof is a disaster, and all the facia is gone,” he said.

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The only silver lining, he says, is that there was no damage to the inside of the home.

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In Squirrel Hill, however, the same can’t be said for a home taken out by a tree.

As for businesses in the area, many were forced to come up with a Plan B as they waited for power service to be restored.

“It just hasn’t come back on,” said Gene Frank of the 61C Cafe. “We’ve been doing iced tea and iced coffee, but we can’t do anything hot. We can’t make any pastries, there’s just no power.”

In fact, many homes and businesses still don’t have power, 24 hours after the storm and Duquesne Light Company says it could be midnight before all power is restored.

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In Liberty Borough, tall trees were pulled out of the ground. As they toppled, the trees caused significant destruction.

Marge Jamison’s home on B Street was in the line of fire when not one but two enormous trees smashed down onto her front porch.

“They’re about 80 feet high and the first one that fell missed the neighbor’s porch by two feet,” said Scott Jamison.

Over on Kaler Street, debris from branches covered the road along with cars that suffered the storm’s wrath.

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Neighbors went out almost immediately with chainsaws to clear roads and lawns.