By: KDKA-TV News Staff

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Governor Tom Wolf and Democratic lawmakers want to help communities that are feeling the effects of climate change.

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They are aiming to help these communities with money from a program that reduces carbon emissions.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, also known as RGGI, allows power plants across the northeast and mid-Atlantic states to “cap and trade” their carbon emissions.

Those companies “buy” the allowance to emit carbon dioxide.

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Gov. Wolf said the state will reinvest that money in supporting workers and communities, especially those most affected by the decline in fossil fuel jobs and those facing environmental hazards.

“It’ll add more than 27,00 jobs here in Pennsylvania, it will reduce carbon emissions by up to 225 million metric tons, it will prevent more than 600 premature deaths from air pollution,” Gov. Wolf said.

Supporters of the RGGI program say the program has helped cut carbon emissions in participating states by 45% since the year 2005.

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Meanwhile, Republicans in opposition say it’s a tax on power companies.