The section of roadway was supposed to be closed through the morning rush hour, but it is cleared and has been reopened.By Briana Smith

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Many communities are left with a flood of concern after flash flooding forced residents to escape to higher ground during Monday’s heavy storms.

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One of those areas is in Shaler Township near Millvale.

A section of Seavey Road was supposed to be closed through the morning rush hour because of flooding, but the roadway cleared sooner than expected and has been reopened.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Brian Smithmyer)

The Shaler Township Police Chief says the road was recently repaved, but the flooding continues. He says PennDOT engineers believe the problem stems from the Seavey Shopping Center that sits along the street.

Building owners say the roadway started flooding because of a nearby underground pipe.

PennDOT says the building owners need to fix it, but they say the pipe is not their problem.

PennDOT spokesperson Steve Cowan says, “This is a problem with a privately-owned pipe that is either blocked or failing. The department notified the property owner.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The shopping center sits along Seavey Road, between Elbe Drive and Soose Road, which is where the street continues to flood.

Cowan says the pipe is undersized and either blocked or failing.

Shopping center co-owner Dave Willard says he believes the state owns the pipe.

“I don’t believe it’s my responsibility to replace this pipe. It’s that simple,” Willard said. “The state is using it as drainage for a public road. I can’t see how any property owner should be responsible for draining a public road.”

Willard says he’s now reaching out to his local representatives to resolve the issue. He says if it turns out to be his responsibility, he will take care of it.

Meanwhile, Cowan says there is not a set timeframe as to when the pipe needs to be repaired, but with several flooding issues, they hope the problem is fixed sooner rather than later.