The bill must be voted on by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and be signed by Governor Tom Wolf before it becomes law.By Lindsay Ward

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Local police departments across the state could soon use radar to enforce speed limits.

This is a move that would more than likely impact drivers.

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It was on Tuesday, when the State Senate passed a bill that would give local police departments power to use radar.

Senators voted 49-1 for the legislation.

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There are some requirements within the bill such as

  • Requirement for local jurisdictions to pass an ordinance
  • Police training in using radar guns
  • Rules for regular testing and calibration of the devices

Convictions for speeding based on radar would not be allowed if the driver is going less than 70 mph and the recorded speed is less than 10 mph over the posted limit. For higher speeds, the driver would have to be going at least 6 mph over the limit.

For the first three months of use, only warnings would be issued to drivers.

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There a few more steps that need to be made before this become law. It still needs to pass the State House and receive Governor Tom Wolf’s signature.