ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (KDKA) – KDKA Investigates has uncovered more problems surrounding the Sheldon Jeter murder conviction and concerns about the possible bias of one juror in particular.

KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan first revealed the juror is a next-door neighbor of Rachael DelTondo’s family. On Wednesday, he uncovers more potential conflicts.

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KDKA has obtained transcripts of the court’s questioning of the juror which revealed that she was actually married to — and apparently divorcing — a relative of Sheldon Jeter. The defense believes these conflicts may pave the way for a mistrial.

Prosecutors knew they had a strong case against Sheldon Jeter in the shooting death of his one-time friend Tyric Pugh: video of Jeter’s car coming and going from the area and the suspected murder weapon found underneath Jeter’s mattress.

But his defense says one of the jurors who delivered the guilty verdict is tainted. First, because the court was unaware she is the actual next door neighbor of Rachel DelTondo’s family, and Jeter has been under investigation in connection with that homicide for the past three years.

And according to a transcript of the questioning during juror selection, she told the court she did not know Sheldon Jeter but is married to his cousin who she is in the process of divorcing.

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Prospective juror: “I don’t personally know him. He might be family with my soon-to-be ex.”
The court: “You don’t personally know Sheldon Jeter?”
Prospective juror: “No, but I know the last name.”
The court: “You know the last name?”
Prospective juror: “I am married to a Smith, and his mom is a Jeter, I believe.”

The questioning continues:

The court: “Have you heard anything about this case?”
The prospective juror: “No, sir.”
The court: “Has any, been any discussions at any family meetings about this case?”
The prospective juror: “No, sir.”
The court: “Do you think you could be a fair and impartial juror in this case?”
The prospective juror: “Yes, sir.”

The defense says she could not be.

“It’s hard to imagine that she did not follow the case, that she did not know who Sheldon Jeter was in relation to Rachael DelTondo where he is a person of interest. And we believe this possibly taints her as a witness in this case,” said Michael Santicola, Jeter’s defense attorney.

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Now the defense is weighing whether to file a motion asking the judge to declare a mistrial. The district attorney says he’ll have no comment until something is filed.