Pittsburgh International Airport, which has seen low numbers of travelers during the pandemic, is finally seeing a resurgence.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Lines were back at the airport after a year of far fewer travelers. The summer sun and holiday weekend have people ready to get out again.

“It feels like riding a bike. You jump right back into it,” Mike Dellosa said while in the TSA checkpoint line.

The Pittsburgh International Airport looked like it should for the Friday before the 4th of July. There were lines at the check-in counters and TSA checkpoints.

“It’s all been surreal from the get go. Just a little bit more surreal,” Arleen Daman said after checking in for her flight to Boston.

The TSA said it screened more than 2.1 million people nationwide. That’s more than from the same date in 2019 before the pandemic.

“This is our first flight in 18 months. Probably. Since February of last year,” Dellosa said.

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Mike Dellosa and his family were flying back after Ewing family in Ohio.

“It was emotional for them to see their grandkids again. This is what we’ve been waiting for,” he said. “This is what this whole process has led to this moment of being back and reveling and seeing family. Having a sense of normalcy again. It’s been great.”

The pandemic still lingered over travelers. Masks are still required in the terminal and on flights.

“I’m still cautious,” Damon said.

“Just being aware of our surroundings and I think that’s good too. And making sure they know to keep their hands off things,” Dellosa said.

There is hope that all of this can be a thing of the past by next year.