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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The heat is set to return today with highs nearing the 90 degree mark for most places across Western Pennsylvania.

I have Pittsburgh hitting 89 for today’s high with partly cloudy skies.

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There is a low rain chance for the afternoon to evening hours.

As we start the day the most interesting thing to me is that there is some fog around.

Normally, on a day like today, we don’t generally see fog.

I can say that often times we get fog as a warm front lifts through during the morning but to me this isn’t quite the same.

I was seeing fog while fireworks were going off on Sunday night. I’m not sure why, as when I think about the processes that occur with foggy mornings, it would seem several things would be consistent with fog formation.

You should have temperatures near the dew point with calm wind speeds.

Clear skies are also present.

I think the main issue where fog development on hot days isn’t likely comes from dew points being too warm.

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This means there is no adequate cooling that releases the moisture needed to make a fog cloud.

This morning is a little different with low dew points and comfortable weather.

Dew points will be on the rise over the course of the day.

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Don’t expect tomorrow to have a comfortable morning with dew points near 70 degrees.

Highs tomorrow will have a better shot at hitting the 90 degree mark.

At this point I am keeping rain chances the same as today on Tuesday, but that may be ticking up for tomorrow.

The best chance for rain through the week is on Wednesday into Thursday.

The storm chance is highest on Wednesday, with better chances for rain on Thursday.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

Rain wraps up on Friday with cooler air staying in place through Sunday.

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