Stores are often laid out in a specific way to persuade you to buy more than you intend.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Consumer experts say two-thirds of what we buy in the supermarket we had no intention of buying.

They say supermarkets know this and rely on it and even encourage it.

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The way the store is layed out is to get you the customer to grab more items.

For example, flowers are in the entrance, then the produce to show you they’re “fresh.”

Here’s a tip: get to the back of the shelf to buy the freshest vegetables and fruit.

Then as you travel, you’ll notice the bakery is in the back.

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This is because the longer you shop, the hungrier you get.

And when you’re hungry you buy more.

Everything else, like your canned goods, are in the center aisles.

Your dairy products, eggs, meat and others are in the back. They say these are in the back because it forces customers to go through all of the many aisles and products first.

Then your candy and soda are in the front by the register, and you can probably guess why.

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A final tip from experts: stick to your list and do not grab random items.