By: KDKA-TV News Staff

CONWAY, Pa. (KDKA) – A man is in custody following a SWAT situation in Beaver County.

SWAT and law enforcement converged on 13th Street in Conway on Tuesday morning after people passing by spotted David Michael Dofner on his front lawn with two pistols in his waistband.

(Photo: KDKA Photojournalist Steve Willing)

Police say he waved those guns at drivers before going back inside his home, at which time police obtained arrest and search warrants.

Police tried to make contact with the man through their PA system, but he refused to come out.

A neighbor contacted Dofner over the phone, and police said he told that person the only way he was coming out is if law enforcement shot him or they “shot it out.”

Police also saw Dofner in his doorway with a pistol in his left hand. SWAT was called and negotiators got him to come outside. He was pepper balled before being taken into custody.

According to court documents, he’s facing charges of terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Police say they have seized about 30-50 weapons from the home including assault rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns and handguns. There were also more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Right now, police are not sure why the suspect had all of the guns. They are working to see if the guns were legally his.