PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Kodiak, the very large Steller’s Sea Eagle, is still on the fly from the National Aviary on the North Side.

The aviary remained closed on Sunday so the staff could search for the eagle, who is about four feet long with a Cessna-like wingspan.

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On Sunday, the aviary provided more details about the eagle’s escape from his habitat.

They said he is no threat to the public and there have been more sightings.

“We love him very much. And we are doing everything possible to work to get him back the aviary is close today and when we have teams of people out there actively looking for Kodiak,” Pilar Fish, the National Aviary’s Senior Director of Zoological Advancements, Avian Medicine.

If you see Kodiak, you certainly cannot miss him.

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“Just stay still and don’t approach him, call the National Avery right away, and the people that know him,” Fish added. “We’ll be able to approach him and bring him back.”

As for how Kodiak was able to escape, they said it’s due to a possible disturbance.

“We have found one small area in his habitat where the heavy gauge wire netting has been compromised every day, all the habitats and birds are checked for their safety and security and except for this one area, all of the nettings are in perfect condition,” she explained. “We believe that saw that Kodiak did not intend to leave that something must have startled him, or he saw this area and was curious to investigate it.”

Fish says the Aviary believes that Kodiak may be able to come back on his own and they do not believe he is far from his home as they have been searching the North Side and along the rivers.

Kodiak generally feeds on rodents but also likes fish.

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They again emphasized that he is not a threat to people or pets.