The man is suspended and termination is pending from the Frazer Police Department, as well as the Kiski Area Police Department.By Ross Guidotti

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — A police officer in Westmoreland County is accused of using his position to stalk and terrorize his estranged wife.

“I am first to be happy that we have someone in this uniform now out of this uniform, that was using what the people had given him to protect them illegally to take advantage of people,” Allegheny Township Police Chief Duane Fisher said.

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The 29-year-old McSherry, who at one time was a police officer in four different Westmoreland County police departments, is now the one in handcuffs. He’s accused of using police computers and other means to stalk and harass his estranged wife.

Police took McSherry into custody after a domestic incident at a home in Allegheny Township where the woman was staying.

“Subsequent investigation revealed that in his capacity as a law enforcement officer, he was utilizing his position and the tools of that position to track his wife and family members,” Chief Fisher said.

McSherry, who worked for the New Kensington, Vandergrift, Kiski and most recently Frazer police departments, is also accused of using license plate tracking technology to keep an eye on the woman’s movements, and not just a few times.

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“The printout that we received regarding his use of the license plate readers included over 100 pages of entries as far as the positions, locations and times of family members,” Fisher said.

McSherry also allegedly used a GPS tracking device on the woman’s vehicle and threatened her and other relatives.

“There were several threats made. One of the charges refers to terroristic threats where they were going to feel his wrath,” Chief Fisher said.

McSherry also faces child pornography charges after police say they found an inappropriate image on his cell phone.

McSherry said nothing as he left court on Tuesday. However, his lawyer had this to say.

“One thing I want people to keep in mind is there two sides to every story,” attorney Jason Huska said. “Mr. McSherry spent the entire adult life caring for his country and caring for his community.”

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McSherry is now suspended and termination is pending from the Frazer and Kiski Area police departments. He’s being held on a $250,000 bond.