According to police, Lester Jackson III is facing numerous charges in connection with the overnight incident.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police and SWAT officers swarmed a Pittsburgh neighborhood overnight after a 29-year-old man allegedly abducted a six-week-old baby boy at gunpoint.

According to Pittsburgh Police, 29-year-old Lester Jackson III was believed to be armed with a baby inside a house in Homewood after he allegedly took the child at gunpoint from his wife’s arms.

According to police paperwork, officers had responded to a reported domestic incident along Wilner Drive in the city’s East Hills neighborhood.

According to a neighbor, the baby’s mother has another child, who said  “Daddy (Jackson) put a gun to the baby’s head,” before he left the home.

The criminal complaint says Jackson got upset with his wife after he saw Facebook messages from her ex-boyfriend.

Officers then spotted the vehicle that Jackson was last seen along Mt. Vernon Drive in the city’s Homewood neighborhood.

Orders were given for those inside to come out of the home. SWAT officers were then requested.

Due to the nature of the situation, SWAT officers went into the home to get the child.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Brian Smithmyer)

“Officers gave verbal commands outside the home for the man to exit. After multiple hails, the man did not come out. SWAT was called as a precaution and with a priority of life, SWAT entered the home, and when they were inside the home, they found the child in there by himself. SWAT continued to do a protective sweep of the home and did not find the man,” said Maurice Matthews, Pittsburgh Public Safety spokesperson.

Officers say the baby was not injured and was returned to his mother.

According to police, Jackson’s father told them the couple has had “numerous verbal domestics,” but nothing was ever violent.

Jackson is facing numerous charges including robbery of a motor vehicle, reckless endangerment, as well as firearm charges.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

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