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I talked about it earlier this week and at the end of today, it will become official. We will finish the day as one of the warmest October starts on record through two weeks. The numbers that I am seeing are even more impressive when you only measure records from Pittsburgh International Airport.

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These records go back to 1948. When looking at the airport, four out of the top five years on record have occurred over the past decade.

To me, climate changes to Western Pennsylvania will come in a couple of ways.

Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

The first thing we should notice are morning lows throughout the year ticking up a couple of degrees on average.

This will be due to warmer air holding more water vapor. The second thing that we will notice is more extreme weather with summer lasting a little longer and winter ending a little earlier most years.

This doesn’t mean it will occur every year.

In fact, we will see plenty of years where winter hangs on well past when you expect it to warm up. Overall though you should expect to see longer hot months and shorter cold months.

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This is something you may not notice as it will only be a change of a day or two here or there over a couple of years. The changes are beginning to be fairly obvious though.

I talked to John the other day about how communities may need to start pushing their fall festivals back a week or two from where they have historically scheduled them. At least that is if they want to coincide with the brightest fall leaf colors.

Mosquitoes and other pests will also be around a little more with more favorable conditions happening more often for them.

Ski resorts also could see their average annual days open for skiing coming down. Look for resorts in the decades ahead to add more spring and summer events to offset any revenue.

Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

Looking at your forecast, highs today should be back up near 80 with today and Friday expected to remain hot. Rain becomes scattered on Friday with widespread rain expected on Saturday. Temperatures will also slide during this time with highs in the upper 70s on Friday but a high of only around 63 expected on Saturday.

The rest of the month will be seasonal to significantly below average.

Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

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