On Sunday, the same people Louis Vignone served gathered to share stories of his life.By Bryant Reed

COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Almost three weeks after a postal worker in Collier Township was shot and killed, the community he served came together to celebrate his life.

A celebration of life was held for Louis Vignone, a staple in the Collier Township community of Rennerdale.

On Sunday, the same people he served gathered to share stories of his life.

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“Everybody loved him. He was always a smiling face. Every dog in this neighborhood loved him and that’s not how it usually is for mailmen. He always has dog bones on him. He was just somebody you could always say hi to,” Giroski said.

Vignone was killed earlier this month while on his route when a man opened fire on him because he thought the mail carrier had once tried to poison him and his family.

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Community members say Sunday’s memorial was especially important because Vignone was more than just a mailman to them.

“Very well loved in this community. He’s been a mailman for as long as I can remember, and I’m just hoping this will bring closure to the family and the community back together,” said Andy Giroski, President of the Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department.

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The memorial also served as a fundraiser to benefit Vignone’s family.

“Everything that’s raised is going to go to the family. And however they choose to use it is up to them. If they need it or want to donate it to another charity, then that’s completely up to them,” Giroski said.

Giroski says everyone in Rennerdale was shocked by what happened to Vignone, saying that he felt it was important to have this memorial to help bring closure to the community.