The driver of the vehicle and one of the salon's clients were taken to a hospital to be checked out.By Meghan Schiller

BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) — A runaway car plowed through Salon Magic Spa on Tuesday afternoon, sending shattered glass flying.

It happened in a plaza along Washington Pike in Collier Township. KDKA’s Meghan Schiller talked to two hairdressers who said the car missed them by inches.

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“It’s very fortunate that we were all able to be alerted by the noise to move over,” said Jenn Pattinato.

“I’m glad nobody was in the middle of the shop because they would probably be dead,” said Stacey Santello.

Two people were taken to the hospital, including the driver of the car and a client sitting in one of the chairs closer to the front of the salon.

The salon’s owner, Jackie Mackenzie, told KDKA she’s managed to survive the pandemic, and now she’s worried 16 people will be out of a job.

“I was standing at my station, and I just heard a loud crash. And I saw what looked like a tidal wave of water and glass,” said Santello.

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She watched as the driver lost control, barreling out of his handicapped parking space and into the center of Salon Magic Spa.

“I moved to the side. My client got up and we have a big fish tank, the fish tank burst. I felt water and glass shattered at my legs,” said Pattinato.

Santello described the driver as “very upset, waving his arms in the air, hitting his head. Scared, like freaking out.”

Mackenzie told KDKA she’s saddened, but not surprised, saying this happened two times before at the physical therapy office next door.

“We have been actually trying to get rid of the handicap spots because so many of the elderly people that come there and here, quite frankly, I don’t know that some of them should be driving,” said Mackenzie. “I feel bad for the guy.”

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Late Tuesday, Mackenzie told KDKA she’s thrilled to have heard from two nearby salons, Caruso’s and Bellingham’s Studio-Hair Design. She said they offered for her to move her hairstylist and client appointments over to their shops for the time being. She told KDKA she’s thankful for their kindness while she cleans up.

Meghan Schiller