The bill will give a big boost of money for roads and public transit, even at the local level.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — President Biden will soon celebrate a major win for his administration, as he is expected to sign the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday.

The bill will give a big boost of money for roads and public transit, even at the local level.

President Biden says this will create millions of jobs, with the money going to areas that certainly need it, like roads and bridges.

A gathering on the White House lawn on Monday will include governors and mayors from both parties, as well as labor and business leaders.

It certainly took time and compromise to move this bill forward. In order to achieve a bipartisan deal, the President had to cut back on his initial ambition to spend $2.3 trillion on infrastructure by more than half.

The bill that will become law today in reality, includes about $550 billion in new spending over ten years. That means investment in not just roads and bridges, but also in water systems, broadband, ports, electric vehicles, and more.

“Heavy highway construction, fiber-optic installation, welding and drivers is a big thing over the road. Anything you can think of in anything that has to deal with this type of package. It is so vast that every skill is needed right now,” said Darrin Kelly, President of the Allegheny-Fayette Central Labor Council.

Meanwhile, President Biden tried, but was unsuccessful in tying the package to a broader package that includes spending on families, healthcare, and addressing climate change.

President Biden has also been working to increase public interest in the bill by stopping in various cities. Last week, he went to the port of Baltimore. Tomorrow, he’ll go to New Hampshire, and then on Wednesday, he’ll go to Detroit to stop at a General Motors plant.