"Eventually, we do retire -- unless your name's Tom Brady -- and they will hopefully draft well, they'll sign free agents and they'll make good trades because they have the right people in place,"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After news broke about the potential sale of the Pittsburgh Penguins, fans still have a lot of questions.

Most people want to know what the fate of the team would be if Mario Lemuix were to follow through with a sale to the Fenway Sports Group, especially when it comes to some of their favorite players.

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Some experts believe this could actually be a power move for the Penguins.

The dollar signs are a major reason.

Dr. Ronald Dick from Duquesne University says based on his knowledge of the Fenway Sports Group, the company is not afraid to spend money.

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The professor also says the group has turned around pretty much every professional sports team they picked up. Like the Boston Red Sox, for example, who brought home four World Series titles in their 20 years under their ownership.

Bottom line, he assures fans they should really have no concerns about their favorite players, at least for right now.

“The fact that you have new ownership will not make the Hall of Fame players that we have any younger. Eventually, we do retire — unless your name’s Tom Brady — and they will hopefully draft well, they’ll sign free agents and they’ll make good trades because they have the right people in place,” Dick said.

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Having experienced a team sale himself, working for the Philidelphia 76ers during the time of their sale in 1996, if this goes through, he also says for about six months to a year, pretty much everyone in the franchise will be undergoing evaluations, which would buy them even more time if they really were thinking about cuts and trades.