PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As parents, we want to help make our children’s holiday wishes come true but we also want them to be safe.

When it comes to gaming, where do you start to find what’s appropriate and safe?

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Award-winning author and parenting guide Scott Steinberg has written 20 books to help guide parents through the gaming world and says start with the game ratings.

“Not only will they give you suggested age ranges for target audiences, but also insights into the type of content or experiences that you might encounter in these products,” he says.

Steinberg suggests you do a little online research on the game using tech magazines and websites.

“I would check out the ESRB website, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, you’ve also got organizations like Common Sense Media, you can also look at game reviewer websites like IGN or Game Spot,” he explains. “They’ll give you a sense of what titles might be appropriate for what audiences.”

He recommends actually watching some game action.

“YouTube, of course, has a treasure trove of video trailers as well,” Steinberg says. “And by the way, it’s not like Hollywood trailers where you’re only getting about 90 seconds or two minutes of good parts cut together a lot of video game trailers will give you 30 minutes of gameplay.”

Of course, children mature at different rates so you have to make your own determination if a game is appropriate for your child.

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When it comes to something fun and interactive for the whole family, Steinberg says “Just Dance 2022″ will get everyone moving from the young to the young at heart.

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“Up to six players can dance together work off some of those holiday calories,” he says.

If you have a teenager in the house they probably already know about Riders Republic.

“So up to 64 players and next-gen consoles can ride bikes off-road they can go skiing or snowboarding or fly off a mountain in a wingsuit,” Steinberg says.

In the category of ‘M’ for mature, Steinberg says Far Cry 6 is getting rave reviews.

“It’s like playing your way through a movie,” he says. “You battle your way through this lush, tropical Caribbean island. You’re going to be in beaches, jungles, urban environments, finding all sorts of cool ways to take down your enemies.”

While many of the games allow you to play online with others Steinberg says that is an area for parental caution.

“Keep in mind that online kids may always encounter all sorts of different scenarios,” he explains. “As a parent, you need to be a trusted guide and resource that kids feel comfortable too if they have questions or encounter questionable content online so you can help steer them in the right direction.”

Steinberg says the parent or guardian needs to be as involved in a child’s high-tech activity as they are in their real world life.

As for tween parents, don’t be surprised if your 12 or 13-year-old gets interested in games rated ‘M.’

They are hearing about them at school and may even be playing them at a friend’s house. Again every child is different and it is up to parents to decide if a game is appropriate.

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As for game availability, so many games are digitally available these days that it would be rare not to be able to find the game your child is interested in.