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Noble Environmental is seeking new team members who value strong corporate citizenship. The Pittsburgh-based company provides environmental services for dozens of local communities and truly believes in giving back to those areas.

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Hundreds of businesses are headquartered in South Point, Washington County, and almost every single one of them is looking for more employees. Noble Environmental is no exception.

Noble has invested in technology that that has innovated solid waste management, transforming waste to renewable natural gas.

That same natural gas ends up powering Noble’s trash collection vehicles that service communities through Western Pennsylvania.

“We’ve turned our landfills into renewable energy facilities where we go out and collect the community’s trash and as it decomposes in the landfill, it produces methane gas,” Noble Vice President Alex Sulkowski said. “We harness all that methane gas and then purify it and use it to fuel of compresses natural gas trucks.”

Noble subsidiary County Hauling is looking for throwers, residential drivers, equipment operators and customer service representatives. New team members may value Noble’s strong corporate citizenship. In fact, the company awarded more than $100,000 in “Green Gifts” to celebrate Earth Day, each focusing on sustainability projects in the communities they serve.

In Hempfield Township, Noble supported a new playground at West Hempfield Elementary School. That playground is now finished, providing a safe and inclusive environment where children can play. Read more about it here.

And recently, Noble announced a $10,000 gift to the 2,000 Turkeys project, which provides Thanksgiving dinner for families in need in conjunction with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.