By Daisy Jade
Nick’s Mistletoe Martini Makes Christmas Merry and Bright
Bob’s Garage is a bucket list destination for any true 412-er. Their over-the-top decorations take the holidays to the next level. And don’t let the bright holiday decor distract from the quality craft cocktails as manager/co-owner of Bob’s Garage, Nick Thorn, demonstrated on Fan N’ation. Here is the recipe for his Nick’s Mistletoe Martini:
1.5  OZ. Vanilla Vodka
1  OZ. Creme de Cacao
1  OZ. Butterscotch Schnapps
1 – 2 OZ. Half-and-Half Nick’s Mistletoe Martini
Mix ingredients, with ice, in a shaker and shake vigorously.
Strain into a martini glass.
Happy Holidays!