Police said Dezi remembered every key detail that led to an arrest within one hour’s time.By Meghan Schiller

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. (KDKA) — She’s being called a hero and tells KDKA’s Meghan Schiller that she finally believes she’s strong and brave.

At just 9-years-old, a Coraopolis girl kept her cool and fought back against a man trying to drag her away from the bus stop. KDKA is identifying her as “Dezi” but refraining from revealing her last name.

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Police said Dezi remembered every key detail that led to an arrest within one hour’s time.

“I’m still in awe how this little girl was able to conduct herself and how she acted and how she was able to give us that detailed description,” Coraopolis Police Department Chief Ronald Denbow said.

She sat down with KDKA’s Meghan Schiller to share her story, saying she’s proud of herself. Dezi wanted to thank her parents and her pap for always reminding her what to do if a stranger comes up and tries to grab her.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Dezi told KDKA’s Meghan Schiller that it felt like a typical morning at the bus stop on Thursday.

“I just remember standing there and turning around and I saw him. But it’s sort of normal because of people always walking up and down that street,” the 9-year-old said.

But then it happened. A stranger grabbed her from behind as she watched her bus begin to drive up the hill. Instead of panicking, Dezi focused.

“I saw the bus already coming up, so I automatically saw (the driver,) and I threw my head back and his hand slipped off my mouth,” Dezi said. “But he had his hand on my back too and so I got my head twisted and got direct eye contact with the bus driver.”

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Dezi dropped to the ground to break free. The bus driver realized what was happening and yelled out her name. That’s when 40-year-old William Gorring ran away.

“He kept turning to look at me over and over again so I just literally got all the information I could,” Dezi said. “And I just remember little black design on his red pants, a big white puffy jacket.”

Because of Dezi’s complete description, Coraopolis police made the arrest within the hour.

“This individual, through the clothing description, I saw prior that day and who was known to me through a small community and knowing everybody in the community,” Chief Denbow said.

Police said Gorring admitted to it, saying he wanted to hurt the little girl, but she got away.

Gorring is now at the Allegheny County Jail after a judge denied his bail, saying he’s a threat to children and the public.

Allegheny County’s Police Superintendent Christopher Kearns said this about the little girl’s actions.

“She is truly the hero of the story. She reacted very well for the situation she fought, and she fought until she got free and was able to get free and then immediately notified the school bus driver,” Superintendent Kearns said.

He wants all parents to tell their children these tips.

“The kid should always be aware of their surroundings, they should be wary of anything that appears out of order, any suspicious behavior, and immediately notify an adult if they feel uncomfortable,” said Superintendent Kearns. “And if they should find themselves in a situation like this girl was, fight, kick, scream and do what you have to do to get away.”

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Dezi’s family wants to thank everyone who reached out to show their support. They want Dezi to know she’s brave and not live in fear.

Meghan Schiller