When a utility line fails, the resulting digging goes both into the ground and into your wallet.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s safe to say the last thing any homeowner wants is to be faced with a sudden emergency repair, especially when it can cost thousands of dollars.

So, should you respond to those offers in the mail from your utility companies when offering utility line protection coverage?

From the main at the street or pole to your home, homeowners are responsible for those connecting lines. They can be costly, so most of the utility companies offer some form of protection plan, and what they are selling is peace of mind.

When a utility line fails, the resulting digging goes both into the ground and into your wallet.

Vivian Sabatini from Peoples Gas says usually a repair or replacement is an emergency, and most folks don’t even know who to call.

“We want our customers to have someone that they can trust to do the repairs,” Sabatini said.

In fact, it’s in the utility company’s interest to make sure the work being done is reputable, whether it’s a gas, water, sewer, or electrical line being replaced, so they offer plans to cover the lines you own.

From $2 to $5.75 per utility line per month, the company’s offer gas, water, sewer, electric, HVAC, and restoration programs.

They also offer options to bundle coverage for things like gas, water, and sewer lines.

The coverage premiums show up on utility bills.

Critics are right that one could pay monthly fees for years and never need it, but the coverage will be helpful if you do have a line failure.

Peoples Gas says if a line failure occurs and coverage is in place, company handles everything, with an experienced network of fully qualified contractors.

The cost of repairs varies widely depending on your home and how far it is located from the main, but costs climbing up to $2000 or more is very common.

Make sure you shop around, read the fine print, and understand exactly what is covered so you can decide if that monthly charge is worth it for you.