Pittsburgh Weather: Rain Lasts Through The Weekend, Potential Flooding PossibleFriday will be a brief respite from the rain but the weekend will be very wet with a chance for flooding.
Pittsburgh Weather: A Warm & Sunny Thursday ExpectedThursday will be sunny and warm but a lot of rain is on the way this weekend.
Pittsburgh Weather: Rain And Clouds Sticking AroundThe rain from the previous day isn't going anywhere just yet.
Pittsburgh Weather: Dry Days Ahead Of A Wet WeekendToday will be dry and a little warmer with high temperatures in the mid-50s.
Pittsburgh Weather: Monday Rain Kicking Off A Wet WeekRain will be around for the morning and a big portion of the afternoon.
Pittsburgh Weather: Rain Moving Into The AreaSkies are mainly clear to start off the day, with temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's.
Pittsburgh Weather: Weekend Temperatures Down From Friday's HighsWe are off to a much cooler start than yesterday with temperatures at or below freezing.
Pittsburgh Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Warnings IssuedThe first day of spring is going to be a wet one with afternoon showers and storms moving into the area.
Pittsburgh Weather: Spring Begins Tonight, Earliest Since 1896Spring starts tonight and we're going to see a brief warmup and some rain showers.
Pittsburgh Weather: Temperatures Rising, Heavy Rain Rolling InTemperatures are going up but heavy rain is coming with it.
Pittsburgh Weather: Morning Drizzles To Make Way For Sunny SkiesToday is the day when our average high is at 50 degrees!
Pittsburgh Weather: Rainy Work Week On The WayThe sun angle continues to increase and with it increasing comes longer days and warmer temperatures. 
Pittsburgh Weather: Overnight Snow Coating Some SurfacesSome may be waking up to a coating of snow in the grassy surfaces and on cars.
Pittsburgh Weather: Temperatures Expected To Rise Next WeekWe are off to a much cooler start than yesterday but temperatures are still in the mid 30’s.
Pittsburgh Weather: Sun And Cool Temperatures Start The WeekendSome sun, some clouds, and cooler temperatures will be the forecast for the weekend.