By Jessica Ghilani

(Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images)

Victoria “Posh” Beckham exuded effortless winter weather cool in this simple but easily imitated ensemble from 2006. When taking inspiration from a celebrity look, be sure to maintain your own unique aesthetic. With an open mind and a little creativity, you can create an outfit that stays true to you, your shape, and your budget.

First, consider your own body and your silhouette comfort zone. After all the delicious holiday meals I consumed in December, I know I would prefer a looser and less constricting ensemble than what is shown above. Thankfully, Fair Isle prints are classic and come in all shapes, sizes, and sweater styles.

Fair Isle refers to a knitting technique using multiple colors that create a distinct and complex pattern. Traditionally, the phrase references the complex method of construction developed in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, from where it also takes its namesake. In recent years and within the culture of the United States, Fair Isle has come to refer broadly to the popular aesthetic and multi-colored pattern, if not the unique construction and creation.

This winter, popular chains that suit a range of budgets are selling Fair Isle prints among their warm weather offerings. On a recent mall trip, I spotted pieces at Old Navy, Land’s End Canvas, and the Pittsburgh-based college student favorite, American Eagle Outfitters. Although Beckham is wearing a slimly-tailored pullover, basic cardigans, chunky knits, and v-necks abound in Fair Isle knitwear. Sweater capes and open-draped cardigans merge on-trend shapes with the timelessness of Fair Isle, offering cozy comfort to all who wear them.

The waxed denim finish of Beckham’s pants creates an interesting and edgy juxtaposition with the classic pullover. Waxed denim continues to appear on runways and on retail sales racks but I rarely see it being worn in Pittsburgh. Although I appreciate the look of waxed denim, it must not suit the personal styles of many of us. Additionally, some people are reluctant to spend money frivolously, so soon after the holidays. Swapping in your favorite corduroys or dark denim wash jeans with a skinny, matchstick, or straight leg pant would be suitable alternatives for those of us preferring to pull from our existing wardrobes.

Ankle booties, a wool pageboy hat, and aviators finish off the look. For booties, pick something practical and flat so that you can navigate the icy city streets without fear.

A celebrity-inspired winter weather look can easily be layered underneath your warmest puffer coat, allowing you to stay warm on your own stylish terms.

(Photo: Jessica Ghilani)

Jessica Ghilani blogs about (mostly her own) shopping and dressing in Pittsburgh and beyond at Consume or Consumed.

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