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KDKA-TV Investigator Andy Sheehan began his broadcast journalism career in September 1992.
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Joined KDKA: September 1992. I was a reporter with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hired during the newspaper strike.
Hometown: Rumson, New Jersey
Alma Mater: Columbia University, New York

Music: Solidly, Bob and Bruce (Dylan/Springsteen) but hit to all fields. Rock, Country and Jazz. It’s all good.
Movie: “Chinatown”, The Godfather I and 2 (Not 3), “On the Waterfront”
TV Show: “The Sopranos”, “Breaking Bad”
Book: “The Great Gatsby”
Hobbies: Long distance running, cooking, writing
Sports Team: The Buccos
Food: Clams and lobsters on the Jersey Shore
Local Restaurant: Tessaro’s
Hidden PA Gem: The Laurel Ridge Hiking Trail
Sport/Exercise: Marathon running. Mostly half-marathons now.
Historical Figure: Lincoln, MLK, Bobby Kennedy
Favorite Pennsylvanian: My wife, Abigail
Quote: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Dylan
Word: Yes
Vacation Spot: Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Guilty Pleasure: Doing crosswords while watching the Pirates on TV.
Planet: Saturn

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles
Comedy or Tearjerker? Laughs
Phone Call or Text Message? Text
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning, tea at night
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Night
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast

KDKA-TV Investigator Andy Sheehan began his broadcast journalism career in September 1992, when he joined KDKA-TV after reporting for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for nine years. Prior to that he worked for the Daily Register in Red Bank, New Jersey.

A member of the KD Investigators, Andy’s forte is the in-depth investigative story, exposing corruption and government waste. On a daily basis, he gives viewers the inside story on breaking events with exclusive reports and interviews. Through his network of sources, he has developed over the years, he keeps you on top of the news.

Andy is always out in front on the big stories, giving you the complete story behind the city’s fiscal woes, the recent grand jury probes into key political figures and the intrigues behind the slots legislation.

Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Andy is a graduate of Columbia University.

Andy and his wife, Abigail, live with their two sons in Pittsburgh.

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Oversupply Of Luxury Apartments Becomes Renter’s Market

High-end, luxury apartments in Pittsburgh, which typically command top dollar prices, are now going for a fraction of the cost.


Post-Gazette’s Endorsement Of Rick Saccone Surprises Many, Angers Some

The once-liberal Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has endorsed the conservative candidate the 18th District Congressional race, surprising many and angering some.


Father Fights In Court To Stop His Son, Who Has Suffered 3 Concussions, From Playing Football

Fear that his son will suffer permanent brain damage and diminished mental capacity, a father is going to extraordinary lengths to the keep his son from playing football.


W.Va. Teachers Resolved To Hold Out Longer After 7-Day Strike

Horns honked in support of a group of striking teachers in Morgantown as the statewide work stoppage stretched into its seventh day.


Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Calls For More Deacons As Reorganization Approaches

Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Bishop David Zubik is requesting his priests to nominate men in their parishes for a deacon-in-training program.


Pittsburgh Teacher’s Union Makes ‘Contingency Plans’ For Strike

Classes will resume Thursday at Greenfield Elementary School and continue at least through Friday, but, after that, there’s no guarantees.


KDKA Investigates: Little City Council Race Draws Big Cash

It’s a special election for a City Council seat, but its attracting a lot of attention, and a lot of money, and some are wondering why.


Squirrel Hill Homeowners In The Lurch As Hillside Slides

Five houses, each posted with a blue condemnation sign, are threatening to fall down a hillside, leaving their owners in the lurch.


Former CEO Indicted In Mega-Mansion Tax Fraud Scheme

The former chief executive of a Pennsylvania health services company has been indicted on tax fraud charges for claiming his 39,000-square-foot mansion near Pittsburgh and luxury cars as business expenses.


‘Socialist’ Judge, Refusing To Evict Tenants, Rankles City Landlords

Recently-elected District Justice Mik Pappas ran on a platform of making landlords more accountable in court, but some of those landlords say he’s not following the law.


Former Union Boss Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison, $3M In Restitution

A federal judge came down hard on a former union boss accused of stealing millions from his membership.


KDKA Investigates: Allegheny Co.’s New High-Tech Tool Helping To Protect Children

It’s a computer program called KIDS, and it’s helping protect Allegheny County’s youngest victims.


‘Fort Knox Level’ Security Will Guard Allegheny Co.’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Come next week, the first patients will be escorted into the nicely appointed waiting room at Solevo Wellness, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Allegheny County, just off the parkway in Squirrel Hill.


Officials: At Least 2 Washington Co. Deaths Related To Carfentanil This Year

The Washington County coroner’s office says at least two deaths in the Washington area so far this year have been connected to carfentanil.


Lawmaker Looking To Bring Marsy’s Law, Aimed At Helping Victims Of Violent Crime, To Pa.

The victims of violent crime say they often feel re-victimized when the criminal justice system lets them down, but a new bill is aiming to level the field.




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