Briana Smith joined KDKA in March 2021 as a morning reporter and weekend morning anchor.

Joined KDKA: March 2021
Hometown: Totowa, New Jersey
Alma Mater: Hofstra University

Music: I enjoy all genres!
Movie: Little Mermaid. I’m a child at heart!
TV Show: The Voice
Book: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
Food: I’m a vegetarian! Give me all the veggies!
Local Restaurant: Revel and Roost so far
Hidden PA Gem: I’m new to the area, so let me in on the secrets!
Sport/Exercise: Running! I hope to complete the Abbot World Marathon Majors one day!
Historical Figure: Martin Luther King Jr.
Favorite Pennsylvanian: Mr. Rogers
Quote: “The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.”
Word: Smile
Vacation Spot: You can find me at the beach!
Holiday: Christmas
Planet: Earth

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone Call
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Morning!
East Coast or West Coast? Love visiting the West Coast but East Coast wins!
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars

Briana Smith joined KDKA in March 2021 as a morning reporter and weekend morning anchor.

Before moving to the Steel City, Briana was uncovering the truth in the Salt City. She was a reporter and fill-in anchor for Spectrum News in Syracuse and Binghamton. Briana has covered a multitude of topics ranging from politics to crime to the New York State Fair! Briana loves to focus on stories involving veterans, youth and recovery.

Briana also likes to dig deeper and produce investigative pieces. After graduating with her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in journalism from Hofstra University, she joined News 21 to report on water contamination on military bases across the country. At the end of every story, Briana hopes to enlighten, empower and inspire others.

It’s her first time living in Pittsburgh, but Briana is so excited to see what this beautiful city has to offer! Although Briana is a Jersey girl at heart, she loves to experience new places and connect with different communities.

If Briana isn’t reporting in the field or behind the desk, you can find her volunteering, exercising, traveling or spending time with family and friends. She looks forward to meeting new people! So, if you see her around, make sure you say hi!