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Colin grew up in Sharpsburg and Aspinwall and attended Fox Chapel Area High High School.  He graduated from West Virginia University and then came back home to write for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  While there, he covered the Pirates, area college football and basketball, and the prep sports scene.  Colin joined The Fan when it launched in February 2010 as a weekend show host.  He also serves as a featured sports columnist for

Dunlap: It’s Time To See Diaz Every Day

The time has come — Francisco Cervelli injury or not — to get an extended look at Diaz as the Pirates’ every day man behind the plate.


Dunlap: A Stanley Cup Story

When you think of those Pittsburgh hockey heroes, when you think of the class the Penguins organization exudes, think also of a guy like Danny Kroll.


Dunlap: Something Interesting Playing Out With McCutchen

Something really curious is afoot with Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen — he’s killing it again. Crushing it. Mashing everything pitchers throw in the strike zone and returning to all-star form.


Dunlap: Sullivan Already Best Coach In Pens History

Mike Sullivan was named the head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins 18 months ago and he’s already the greatest coach in franchise history


Dunlap: NHL Got What It Deserved With Sid Slamming Subban

Colin Dunlap doesn’t know if P.K. Subban got what he deserved behind the net, but the NHL got exactly what they created.


Dunlap: Matt Murray Isn’t The Problem

To Colin Dunlap, what gives the Penguins the best opportunity to win a three-game series right now against the Nashville Predators is to stick with Matt Murray.


Dunlap: Plan The Parade, Pens Have This Won

There’s going to be a parade. A big one. This city will come to a halt for good reason. The Stanley Cup Final is over.


Dunlap: Can’t Get Down After Game 1 Win

Forget all the doom and gloom surrounding the Penguins and not playing anywhere near their best game; think about it from the other side.


Dunlap: 5 Keys To Game 7 For The Penguins

Here are five things the Penguins must do if they want to march on and face Nashville in the Stanley Cup Final.


Dunlap: Wingels Hit A Show Of Cowardice

The play that left Scott Wilson injured during Game 5 showed the deepest kind of cowardice from Tommy Wingels that an athlete can display.


Dunlap: Fleury Is The Man In Game 4

Run all the Twitter polls you want, but Marc-Andre Fleury has to be the guy in Game 4.


Dunlap: Kessel’s Outbursts Are Tremendous

Phil Kessel’s actions – when they come in the right doses – are something very, very, very effective to the practical nature of making his hockey team better.


Dunlap: Guentzel’s Improbable Story Is Incredible

Who would have thought that Jake Guentzel would be the perfect winger for Sidney Crosby?


Dunlap: You’re Going To Strikeout Cancer, Jameson Taillon

Colin Dunlap knows that helping people in their deepest time of need is what Pittsburghers do best.


Dunlap: Niskanen Play Wholly Unnecessary

Matt Niskanen might not be a dirty player, but don’t give Colin Dunlap any nonsense about that being anything but a tremendously dirty play.


Dunlap: Lack Of Martavis Bryant News Is Curious

About this time every year, you can count on Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert — a gentleman I genuinely like personally and admire professionally for the job he’s done — saying the same thing on the same subject.


Dunlap: Ultimate Reaction To Marte Will Be Interesting

How will Pittsburgh perceive and receive the stunningly-talented outfielder upon returning in the middle of July?


Dunlap: The Penguins’ Future Looks Outstanding

There is no question about what the Pittsburgh Penguins can become in the form of an offensive presence over the next few seasons. In fact, it is scary.


Dunlap: Give Me One More, Flower

While Marc-Andre Fleury was the story of Game 1, Colin Dunlap wants to see an encore performance Friday night.


Dunlap: NFL Hypocritical In Las Vegas Matters

The NFL can’t take a hard stance on calling Las Vegas a seedy place anymore.


Dunlap: The Penguins Can Win Without Letang

Calm down and relax. The Pittsburgh Penguins can still win a Stanley Cup without Kris Letang.


Dunlap: Gerrit Cole Will Be Just Fine

Colin Dunlap will ride with Gerrit Cole every single day and will trust him each time he takes the ball.


Dunlap: Stop The Panic About The Penguins

Colin Dunlap believes too many people are jammed up about the recent form of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Dunlap: Sullivan Must Yield To Murray

Colin Dunlap feels Matt Murray should be given the free reign to decide how many of these games he wants to play as a tune up to get ready for the postseason.


Dunlap: Hot And Cold List

People love lists. Oh man, do people love lists. That’s why I decided to throw together a nice, tidy little hot and cold list as this week winds to an end.


Dunlap: 5 Things Noticed At Spring Training

With not many job battles on the line, here are five of the notable things from the past week at Pirates Spring Training.


Dunlap: Kang Situation Full Of Uncertainty

When team president Frank Coonelly sat down with “The Fan Morning Show” at LECOM Park on Tuesday, the topic of Kang — still absent from Spring Training workouts — was obviously broached.


Dunlap: Steelers Should Draft A Quarterback

Even if someone might not be ready to step in and play right away isn’t it in the Steelers’ best interest to grab a quarterback early on in this draft?


Dunlap: World Baseball Classic Too Risky

As Pirates’ organization looks at the landscape, there is zero benefit and all risk to the endeavor of permitting their players to play in the WBC.


Dunlap: Oh, These Hays Eagles!

Colin Dunlap isn’t sure if he can call the Hays bald eagles tough and strong and blue-collar like some others around town have.


Dunlap: State Rep. Gets It Right With Sports Gambling

Colin Dunlap can get behind State Rep. Rob Matzie if for nothing more than his logical stance on one thing: he wants to bring sports betting to Pennsylvania.


Dunlap: Make Glasnow Fifth Starter Now

Has Tyler Glasnow done enough to prove he should be the Pirates’ fifth starter this season?


Dunlap: Gronk’s Act Is Unflattering

Call me prudish. Call me starchy and staid if you feel like it. That’s fine, it’s cool, I can live with it.


Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots watches his team play the Buffalo Bills during the first half at New Era Field on October 30, 2016 in Buffalo, New York.

Dunlap: I’m Tired Of Some Things In Sports

There’s no reason for the timing of this, no rationale behind it, just a few things that, well, have been irking Colin Dunlap.


Dunlap: A Startling Revelation, Even For Antonio Brown

Colin Dunlap weighs in on a startling revelation about Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.


Dunlap: Roethlisberger’s Words Were Absolutely Perfect

Colin Dunlap cannot believe the way some people condemned Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger mentioning that he’s considering retirement.


Dunlap: Steelers Flubs Just As Much The Story

Stop with this whole, “No matter what the Steelers did, they weren’t going to beat the Patriots anyway because New England was so well coached and Tom Brady played so well” nonsense.


Dunlap: Give Me More Antonio Brown

What a week. What a sideshow. What a human, this Antonio Brown. It just never stops with him.


Dunlap: Tomlin’s Postgame Words Were Perfect

This Antonio Brown-can’t-stay-off-Facebook-Live-while-the head-coach-is-talking thing is so ridiculous because, well, the obvious.


Dunlap: Kevin Colbert Deserves Some Praise

Oh, people have hammered Kevin Colbert. And rightly so.