Pittsburgh native Heather Abraham joined KDKA in December 2010.

Joined KDKA: 2010
Hometown: Shaler, Pa.
Alma Mater: Shaler Area High School, WVU

Music: I love all kinds of music but really enjoy hip-hop.
Movie: My favorite movie probably comes from my childhood. I watched the “Labyrinth” with David Bowie on repeat.
TV Show: My husband and I like to have “a show” to watch together. Some of our favorites are “Boardwalk Empire”, “Walking Dead”, and “Game of Thrones”.
Book: This is tough because I love to read! I enjoyed several books by Margaret Atwood. “Child 44” is at the top of my list. I’m always looking for a good suggestion!
Food: Um, yes please.
Local Restaurant: We are so lucky to have so many great restaurants. We don’t get out much, but we love Café Du Jour and Butcher and the Rye.
Hidden PA Gem: Coney Island hot dogs in New Castle. What I wouldn’t give for a chili dog right now!
Sport/Exercise: I enjoy Pilates but usually my exercise consists of long stroller walks!
Historical Figure: Does Rosie the Riveter count? The image most associate with “Rosie” came from a Pittsburgh artist.
Favorite Pennsylvanian: Fred Rogers
Quote: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” – Fred Rogers
Word: Optimistic
Vacation Spot: We were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii before. If I close my eyes, I can still smell Hawaii. It is such a beautiful place.
Holiday: Christmas Eve. I like the excitement before the big day.
Planet: Earth. Definitely Earth.

Facebook or Twitter? That’s tough! I think Facebook.
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones
Comedy or Tearjerker? Tearjerker
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone Call
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Coffee. Always coffee.
Paper or Plastic? Are we talking about spending or grocery store?
Morning Person or Night Person? Morning 🙂
East Coast or West Coast? I don’t know much about the west coast, but the east coast has my heart.
Star Trek or Star Wars? Yikes! Neither!

Pittsburgh native Heather Abraham joined KDKA in December 2010.

Heather is an award winning journalist. She was nominated for several Emmy’s, including for a deeper look into the work of the Pittsburgh Police Vice Squad.

Heather has also been passionate about breaking news and won a Golden Quill award for her reporting on a 7-alarm fire in Homestead.

Heather grew up in Shaler and graduated from Shaler Area High School. Her desire to get into news started there with the morning announcements.

She continued her education at West Virginia University where she studied Broadcast News.

Before moving back home, she reported at News 12 Brooklyn, a 24-hour cable news station in New York City.

Heather spent four years covering everything Brooklyn: culture, politics, crime, and neighborhood news. She also occasionally filled in on the anchor desk.

Heather is active in the community. She’s been involved with the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, even taking part in their annual polar plunge fundraiser.

When she’s not reporting or anchoring, Heather loves spending time with her family.

Her husband is a City of Pittsburgh firefighter and they have two daughters and two dogs.

Heather Abraham answers 22 questions!