Marty Griffin

Marty Griffin returned to KDKA-TV as an Investigative Reporter in April of 2003.
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Joined KDKA: 2003
Hometown: Shadyside
Alma Mater: Central Catholic

Music: Springsteen, Luther Vandross.
Movie: “The Godfather”
TV Show: “Seinfeld”, “Modern Family”, “60 Minutes”
Book: “The Godfather”
Hobbies: Wife and kids
Sports Team: Steelers
Food: Italian
Local Restaurant: Cucina Bella
Hidden PA Gem: Cook Forrest
Sport/Exercise: 90 minutes a day – elliptical and rowing machines
Historical Figure: Abe Lincoln
Favorite Pennsylvanian: Ed Rendell
Quote: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – MLK
Word: Duh
Vacation Spot: Tahiti
Holiday: Christmas
Guilty Pleasure: Pizza
Planet: Moon (It’s made of cheese…I love cheese)

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Stones
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? TExt
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Morning person
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Trek

Marty Griffin returned to KDKA-TV as an Investigative Reporter in April of 2003.

Marty has been carrying the torch for consumers for several years. He brings his experience back to the Pittsburgh area where he was a well known investigative reporter. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Ohio University.

Marty has won many awards for reporting and investigative journalism. He won a Regional Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Reporting. He has also won a Broadcast Achievement Award for an Investigative Series on a Probe of the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Irvin from The Heartland Foundation of Texas.

He is happy to return to KDKA-TV and to the Pittsburgh area where he was born and raised — and a large portion of his family still resides.

Marty is married to KDKA-TV Reporter/Anchor Kristine Sorensen. They have two daughters and a son.

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