Pittsburgh Native Mikey Hood joined KDKA in March of 2019.

Joined KDKA: March of 2019
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Alma Mater: Taylor Allderdice, HS, Pittsburgh

Music: I like most music, but my favorite is 90’s R&B!
Movie: My favorite movies are the ‘Abyss’ which is an 80’s movie about an underwater world and ‘Coming to America’ with Eddie Murphy! Oh and “Fast Forward” an 80’s dance movie!
TV Show: I’m horrible at watching TV. I usually don’t even cut it on! Back in the day I was a diehard ER fan! I prefer watching movies.
Book: I love reading. Usually self-help books. I’m always working on me!
Hobbies: Exploring new cities, eating out at restaurants, hanging with family and friends, exercising, sporting events
Food: Whatever is on the menu I’m eating it… except for hot dogs with ketchup and cottage cheese.
Local Restaurant: I can’t just pick one… Altius, BEBE’s Korean Food and I’m dying to try TAKO.
Sport/Exercise: Hiking is the best…I’ll take on any trail (with my pepper spray)
Historical Figure: MLK has had a profound impact on where I am today
Favorite Pennsylvanian: Fred Rogers
Quote: “Focus on the things that you can change not on what you can’t” -Unknown.
Word: Forward
Vacation Spot: Bermuda
Holiday: Christmas by the fireplace
Planet: Jupiter…I’m fascinated by space and what’s out there.

Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Facebook. I don’t even get Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs for sure
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Umm both are iconic but can’t say I’d pick one group over the other.
Comedy or Tearjerker? Both. Depends on the day
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone call. I like to hear and connect to a real voice.
Mac or PC? Surely PC
Coffee or Tea? I just started drinking coffee 4 months ago, but I still prefer tea..’Earl Grey’ to be specific.
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Early evening person!
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast for sure
Star Trek or Star Wars? Oh geez…neither. But my dad loved Star Trek though

Pittsburgh Native Mikey Hood joined KDKA in March of 2019.

Mikey has had a public presence in Pittsburgh for quite some time through her on-line show PghSpot, a platform she created to highlight the movers and shakers in the Burgh!

Mikey grew up in the East End of Pittsburgh and graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School. Her desire to get into TV started as a kid, when she would interview and produce pretend commercials for all of her friends. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Writing and Communications.

Mikey is very active in the community where she produces a live show called ‘Neighborhood Conversations’ which transforms a local business into a broadcast studio for one day. During ‘Neighborhood Conversations’ she interviews local heroes in front of a live studio audience, who have the opportunity to interact and learn from the person being featured.

When Mikey is not on Pittsburgh Today Live, she loves spending time on long hikes and with her close friends!