Pam Surano joined the KDKA News team in June of 2018 as a freelance reporter.

Joined KDKA: June 2018
Hometown: Fords, New Jersey
Alma Mater: Duquesne University

Music: Christian, Seventies: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, fun 80’s dance music, gritty 90’s rock, Mad fan of both Elton John and Billy Joel, hip hop and blues, Sinatra and GOSPEL
Movie: Always has been, and always will be “The Color Purple”
TV Show: “Women of Grace”
Book: “True Devotion to Mary” by Saint Louis de Montfort
Hobbies: Being silly with my three children, church, volunteering, music listening/singing to music, reading, gym and dancing!
Sports Team: Hands down: The Steelers
Local Restaurant: Alla Famiglia in the Allentown section of Pittsburgh and Mallorca on the South Side!
Sport/Exercise: Favorite sport to watch is college and high school basketball, favorite sport to do canoeing, rappelling, rafting anything away from it all with a challenge!
Historical Figure: Mother Theresa
Favorite Pennsylvanian: I really admire Gisele Fetterman, I love her heart!
Quote: Psalms: “Those who sow in tears will reap with joy” Tears are hearts with prayers!
Word: LOVE!
Vacation Spot: The Bahamas, but can’t wait to go to Italy and The Vatican!
Holiday: Christmas
Guilty Pleasure: Singing at the top of my lungs in the car on a beautiful day!
Planet: I love Earth but Heaven is the goal!

Facebook or Twitter?Twitter, it’s amazingly connective and people are so real there!
Cats or Dogs? Puppies, lots of them!
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles for inspiration, Stones to “rock out” with, that was unintentional humor!
Comedy or Tearjerker? Literally cannot pick one! I love ET, The Titanic, Steel Magnolias; I cry into the next day but give me a Vince Vaughn or Melissa McCarthy movie and I’ll laugh into the next day!
Phone Call or Text Message? I’m going with FaceTime, the text/call hybrid!
Mac or PC? Mac Life!
Coffee or Tea? Coffee, it’s a slice of Heaven on earth
Paper or Plastic? Paper: love anything old fashioned, in my heart I should have been born in the 40’s or 50’s
Morning Person or Night Person? I love the Night! It’s like you’re cheating the day getting more out of it, Pittsburgh is magical looking at night!
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast: I love the people! Open and down to earth!
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars! Princess Leia all the way!

Pam Surano joined the KDKA News team in June of 2018 as a freelance reporter.

Previously, Pam worked as a TV anchor for WYTV-TV Youngstown, where she anchored the 5, 6 and 11 PM news. Pam was also a health reporter there earning an AP award for a series called “Tell A Friend”.

While partnering with a local hospital the series featured local women diagnosed with breast cancer. The series inspired many under-served women to get mammography screening at no cost. Pam says she was deeply moved by the series and the many women who told her they found themselves living life more fully after their diagnosis.

Pam also hosted several live telecasts for holidays, fairs, sporting events and a regular live call in show featuring a Q & A with a panel of doctors. Pam interviewed Al Gore one on one outside Air Force Two while he was running for president but says her greatest joys came from mentoring students, speaking to groups or times where she and co-workers delivered presents to families in need at the holidays. Pam will never forget the last story she covered at WYTV, she was about to give birth when longtime Congressman Jim Trafficant was indicted by a federal grand jury. She says she was 9 + months pregnant and found herself running down the Federal Court House stairs with a huge group of reporters from all over the region.

Pam was also a Morning Anchor for WTOV-TV in Steubenville, Ohio, the NBC affiliate where she was also a reporter covering news of the day. Pam was also a reporter for WJET-TV in Erie and enjoyed times where she could go onboard the Flagship Niagra and says two of her most memorable stories there were covering features.

Pam also worked as a one man band at WDTV in West Virginia, an assignment editor at WPXI and a radio reporter for both NPR and KQV in Pittsburgh where she was also a fill-in anchor. She was also a reporter for The Duquesne Duke while attending college.

After news Pam followed her love for helping others into social services in Pittsburgh.

Pam worked as a preschool teacher for a time while all her children were attending the same Catholic school in Wexford. Pam then moved to Catholic Charities and Mercy’s Operation Safety Net. Pam worked there helping the homeless, refugees and those underserved members of our community like the abused and addicted to get them connected them with needed services. Pam also worked at Amachi Pittsburgh, a social service agency advocating for children and families who are dealing with incarcerated loved ones.

Pam describes working in social services as a love for the hurting of our city that remains today. As a single mom of three children Pam also says she finds herself easily understanding the struggles and trials of others.

Pam says working at KDKA is a dream realized. She says there have been times she’s gotten choked up reading viewers notes on social media welcoming her to KDKA!

Pam is very proud of her alma matter Duquesne University where she earned a journalism degree. Pam is an interim lector at St. Alexis Church in Wexford and has taken a theology series through the Greensburg Catholic Diocese. Pam loves to volunteer with her friend’s organization “Mission From Mars” feeding the homeless on the North Side on Sunday mornings.

Pam is also a graduate of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation where they teach becoming a Christian catalyst for good in the community. Pam hopes in the future to complete a master degree in social services and ultimately combine her faith, journalism and social work background for the greater good of others in Pittsburgh.