Pennsylvania Leads The Nation In Percentage Of Premature Deaths By Air PollutionA new study has a scary conclusion for everyone in Pennsylvania.
Report: Allegheny Co. Saw 90 Days Of Unhealthy Air In 2018Environmental experts, supporters and doctors say that everyone in Allegheny County has a right to breathe cleaner air, and that's why they want to boost funding for the Allegheny County Health Department in order to crack down on the biggest polluters.
Clairton-Liberty Area Sees Recent String Of Code Orange Air Quality Action DaysFor generations, the Mon Valley has been plagued by an industrial pollution problem.
Environmental Groups Gather At City-County Building For Air Quality RallyActivists and environmental groups gathered at the City-County Building to call for cleaner air after December saw dangerous air conditions in the Clairton and Liberty areas.
Allegheny Co. Health Dept. Launches Efforts To Combat Weather-Related Pollution EventsAfter the Air Quality Index showed that the Clairton and Liberty areas had some of the worst conditions in the nation last week, the Allegheny County Health Department says it's launching efforts to combat weather-related pollution events.
Air Quality Improves In Mon Valley After Recent Troubles People in the Mon Valley are breathing easier, quite literally.
'It's Making Clairton Sick': Poor Air Quality Impacting Clairton, Liberty AreasPeople in Clairton are concerned about the air quality in the region.
Allegheny County Elected Officials Call For Crackdown On Industrial PollutionMore than 60 elected officials from Allegheny County signed an open letter calling for clean air in our region.
Study: Exposure To Polluted Air Is Equivalent To Smoking A Pack A DayA recent study shows that exposure to polluted air is on par with smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
Air Quality Being Monitored In PittsburghGraduate students in California are collecting air quality data in Pittsburgh.
Allegheny Co. Health Dept. Launches Air Quality Dashboard To Monitor PollutionPeople who live or work in Allegheny County can now monitor air pollution in real time.