Fine Wine & Good Spirits Expands Catalog And Lifts 6-Bottle Order Limit When Buying OnlineFine Wine & Good Spirits has expanded its product catalog back to thousands of items and has lifted the limit for online shoppers, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says.
Giant Eagle In Support Of Proposed Legislation That Would Allow Beer And Wine Purchases At Any Checkout Locations In StoresTo prevent the gathering of crowds and to encourage social distancing, Giant Eagle is supporting legislation that would allow beer and wine to be purchased at any registers and checkout locations in its stores.
Ohio Governor Limits Liquor Sales To In-State Residents In Several Ohio CountiesOhio Governor Mike DeWine has announced that the state will only be allowing alcohol sales to in-state residents in several counties.
Study: 8 Percent Of West Virginia Babies Exposed To Alcohol Before BirthAbout eight percent of West Virginia babies are exposed to alcohol before birth.
Keurig Teams With Anheuser-Busch To Create Cocktails On Demand From Automated BartenderForget coffee, Keurig is now in the cocktail business.
Researchers Discover Man's Body Is Producing AlcoholThere was yeast in his gut that was likely converting carbohydrates in the food he ate to alcohol.
Sigma Phi Epsilon Revokes Chapter At West Virginia UniversityA fraternity has revoked its chapter at West Virginia University, citing multiple violations of alcohol and risk management policies.
America Is Running Out Of White Claw Hard SeltzerWhite Claw is a victim of its own success: The hard seltzer brand confirmed a nationwide shortage in the United States, sparked by the drink's rising popularity.
Family Dollar Stores To Begin Selling AlcoholYou’ll soon be able to get a six-pack of your favorite beer at Family Dollar.
Man Walks Out Of Costco With 24 Bottles Of Hennessy LiquorPolice say they are trying to track down a man who walked into a Costco store, loaded his cart with 24 bottles of Hennessy liquor and just walked out.
Police: Man Found Passed Out After Drinking With Pot On Burning StoveA Westmoreland County man is facing charges, accused of nearly starting a fire at a Greensburg apartment building after passing out while drinking.